What Is A Serviced Office?

Workplace environments are consistently changing and so are their requirements for office spaces. One such popular demand for office spaces is a serviced office. They are eagerly sought for renting purposes by many corporate officials. It seems that serviced offices are the new alternative for traditional offices.
Also known as executive spaces or business centers, many businesses are now shifting to this flexible work environment. Not only do serviced offices have flexible terms and contracts, but also lower the costs for a workplace. This makes it considerably easy for businesses to grow and scale up.
With all this buzz about a serviced office, you might wonder what is a serviced office? Here is all you need to know about a serviced office.

About A Serviced Office

The most basic way to describe a serviced office is to call it a fully furnished office. This fully furnished office is rented by many small startups and companies as their workspace either temporarily or permanently. Some of the basic features of a serviced office that will help you understand them better are as follows.

Cost-Effective Offices

Many start-ups are already strict on their budget. During the initial stages of their business, they need cost-effective solutions but also a working space. A typical office might be too expensive to rent out or purchase, plus with the utility expenses it gets tough. A serviced office is the perfect answer. It has a monthly rent which covers the utilities for you and is cheaper than market rates for other options. Therefore, no extra expenditure to worry about.

A Fully Furnished Office

With cost-effectiveness, a serviced office also eliminates your need of typical office furniture. Because it is fully furnished, your supply and cleaning needs are already taken care of. Additionally, more than often companies that offer serviced offices own entire buildings with multiple workspaces. Hence, if your business requires more room or space, you can simply ask for more fully furnished offices. They can accommodate you easily.

Short-Term Workspaces

Most typically, fully furnished offices are rented out from a starting duration of 3 to 6 months. If a business or an entrepreneur requires, the license can be extended to 3 years and later renewed. However, every serviced office works differently with their own terms.
This is really helpful for businesses who are in a city or a country for a temporary basis. You can also rent out a serviced office if you are an entrepreneur who is testing out their business.

A serviced office is the new wave for the business workspace. The core reason it is being welcomed into the business world is because of the flexibility it offers to everyone. Apart from the flexibility it is also highly convenient. This might have helped you understand what a serviced office is and how a fully furnished office can benefit you. So, if you’re looking to start your own venture, or need a flexible workspace, this is your answer. It is perfect for your collaboration and coworking needs too which explains why a serviced office is so popular. You can contact us to see which option fit best your situation and needs.