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Do you want to work or stay in Thailand for the long-term? A dedicated visa is required for the right purpose of your stay. Foreigners should not use the wrong visa if they wish to stay in the long-term. ATa Services can help you get all documents as well as sponsoring visa to help you stay in the land of smiles. We are able to assist any nationalities and help them according to the specific requirements of Thai immigration. Thailand’s visa and regulations are specific and depends on your stay duration, your purpose of visit and your nationality. If you are looking to get a business visa, marriage visa or retirement visa, ATa Services can assist you in the process.

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Visa Non-B

The Non-B visa is for foreigners who are working in Thailand or doing business in Thailand. In order to work legally, the foreigner also needs a work permit. ATa Services can sponsor your visa and provide all documents as well as assistance to get your visa non-b multi entry.

Work Permit

ATa Services is able to help you in getting a work permit and visa. Our team will assist you during the whole process and will take care of gathering documents to get rapidly a work permit. Contact us today to learn more about how to get a work permit!

Visa Non-O

The Non-O visa is for foreigners who are coming with their family in Thailand. The parent, spouse or child can stay in Thailand under patronage of another person.  Our team can assist you to gather all the documents and for all the immigration process. This visa cannot be sponsored but can be granted on different conditions.

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