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 HR Services
We offer tailor made HR outsourcing solutions for all types of industries and businesses that require greater flexibility and operational efficiency at reasonable cost.

Step to find your fit!

1 Assessing your business and your organization’s culture
2 Proposing customized solution and define scope of work
3 Screening of candidates & payroll outsourcing services

we help you and the right office personnel to at your company culture.
From customer services to accounting, our team can provide you with top quality employees.
We are your source for skilled, motivated and well educated English speaking.

Labor Outsourcing
We supply labour outsourcing services for construction and factories across Thailand.
If you require a recruitment solution that’s handled in an ethical, professional and timely manner, speak to a ATA Today.

We give you “Right People” to drive your Business forward


Do you need to find out more on our PEO Services?

Feel free to contact us and we will introduce you how work our payroll management services.


ATa Services, your PEO solution.

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