How To Know If You Found The Right Virtual Office?

Virtual Offices Solutions are a convenient way to register your business without having to rent an office and add extra costs. However, there are many different packages and finding the right one for your business can be challenging.

You require a solution that makes your work easier instead of making it more complicated. While picking a virtual office for yourself, you are given many choices from which you can choose. You need to pick the best package from the choices available to you.

So, how will you know that you have found the right virtual office to suit your needs? Even though a perfect virtual office speaks for itself, you can tell that you have found the right solution by looking at some of the signs. Want to know what those signs are? Keep reading then.

1. The address conveys a good business image

Ideally, you would like to have your virtual office in the CBD (Central Business District) that will show your customers and partners that your business is located in the most prestigious area of Bangkok. This address will be a tool for you to show that your business is legitimate. On your business cards, emails or on your website, this address will show your potential customers that they can trust your business.

2. Assistance on administrative tasks

In Virtual Office packages, you can have access to different solutions including some where you can benefit from outsourcing some time-consuming tasks to focus solely on your business. Most of the time you will not need to handle phone calls or having to deal with all post mails. In some cases, you might even get access to meeting rooms and office facilities for your business meetings. At ATa Serviced Offices, we include meeting room access in our two business centers.

3. Expand your business

To go international and open branches in other countries, you will need to register a company in the country where you plan to expand. However, the virtual office is a good way of expanding without having a large office with a lot of starting costs. You can establish your brand abroad and have a presence in multiple countries for a very affordable price. This will also allow you to test the market and see how the market is reacting to your brand before eventually taking an office.

4. Possibility to switch to a real office

If later, you need to switch to a serviced office because you have more staffs or because you prefer to have a professional space to work, some virtual offices places also offer office space for you to be able to switch easily without having to change your address at the Revenue Department.

5. Business Support

Virtual Offices are often located in serviced offices or in corporate services firms. Therefore, you will be able to have access to other services to outsource it and avoid having to hire staffs for those tasks. In addition to our services of virtual office, we are also able to assist you for your accounting, payroll, work permit and visa and many other services you may need to expand or support your business.

Even though all the professionals require different things from a virtual office, the things mentioned above are some of the basic ones that everyone requires. So, when you find everything in one place, it is a clear sign that you have found the right virtual office for you. Check our Virtual Office solutions that are tailor made to your needs.